The horn blows, calling back the long-sleeping Disciples of The Hand. Rise ye thralls of darkness, ye murderous brood, and pick up your spears. The hour has come again when you will spill your black blood upon the field, for you are but a cog in a terrible machine, a servant to The Hand. The horn’s shrill note is on the wind, the drums of war are beating, and the time for slumber is over. Shuck off your whores and debauchery, don your shield, and join the company of your fearsome brothers once more at the front. Our enemies will know fear. They will know pain. And when our dark banners crest the ridge and our hordes descend upon them, they will know annihilation. 

 - Unknown Author, 2nd Annals of the Disciples of the Darkhand

Darkhand is one of the longest standing online gaming communities in the world. While our members enjoy a variety of video games across many genres, the core of Darkhand migrates between massively multiplayer online (MMO) games as a group. We maintain a tight-knit roster, and treat each other like family. We even hold occasional meetups IRL.

While there are no set criteria to determine which games we choose to officially participate in, we are invariably drawn to games with a strong focus on player-versus-player combat. The innate desire to excel at PvP is what truly separates a Darkhand member from an ordinary gamer. We believe that the thrill of engaging other players in a raw battle of strategy, experience and judgment is the most rewarding experience that a game can offer. Darkhand is home to some of the most skilled and respected PvP’ers in the genre’s history. 

Darkhand boasts a wide array of accomplishments across nearly a dozen games, and we’re still going strong.